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Thursday, November 4, 2010

38 come and gone.

I turned 39 on Tuesday, saying goodbye to 38. It has been a quick year, I must say and truth be told I'm not so thrilled about this upcoming year but mainly because the big ::cough cough:: 4 - 0 is coming my way. My Dad wanted to let me know that I'm now entering my fourth decade. Gee. Thanks Dad. lol Of course he mentioned also that in a few year's he'd be in his seventh or did he say eighth? Hmmm... I don't remember, either way he's really gettin' up there. lol

The last several months I've been dieting and excersizing not so much. ha. I really have been dieting though, or maybe I shouldn't call it that. It's more like i've been eating differently because the things I've been eating are on no "real" diet. Here's what I've been doing, eating one normal sized meal a day and I'll have two snacks. I still get to have my 136 calorie, 24 ounce coffee from MacDonald's (I can also see the girls there and chit chat at the drive thru--the joys of a small town--remember we only have one Macs here). So I can still have Panera (which is really low-fat, did you know?) and my other favorite places too (JoBeth's, Malone's, Melissa's, MiPubs... well you get the idea). My weight loss is slow but steady. Two pounds a week. So far I'm down 22 pounds. It's not really about the being "thin" that I'm into. I do want to be thinner but I'm really happy the way I am, but I'd like to not walk into things because I forget my hips are in the way, I'd like to wear cute things from Anthropologie, not suffocate when wearing jeans (this is getting better!), and I'd really like to wear high know, the cute ones with wedge heels? Yeah. those. But it's difficult to support my frame on such such things. lol!

So, for my birthday my little family bought me a bike. It is the cutest thing ever. My plan is to get in shape by next year... actually I'd like to be in shape by April 5th. That's my goal. I'll have lost 65 pounds by then, so please wish me luck. I've never lost more than 25 pounds at a time.

You can see that I'm um, still large. So give me time people!

Isn't the bike cute? It's a vintage style bike. I simply love it. :) It was a wonderful birthday. I helped Jeff hang a gutter on the house that had fallen off (but first we painted it and fixed the board behind it-well, he did that part), I touched up some paint on the pillars of our house, went to vote!, made a few bracelets and then my family took me to dinner. It was the best birthday I have had in many years. :)

I know my shoppe is empty, but soon it will be filled with tons and tons of wonderful holiday goodness. :) Get on my mailing list so you'll know when! :)


Stacie said...

First of all, you already know I love the bike. Second, I think you're awesome for being so willing to share this weight loss experience with the world.

When I went through my PCOS diagnosis it was a big deal to be able read about other people's weight loss struggles AND successes. You could be really blessing some random reader with even knowing it so keep it coming :)

Third, I want to come up with a "turning 40" fun thing to do for each of us as a rite of passage on each birthday, since we've all known each other for more than half of those forty years. I'll be thinking on that one a while...

Marianna said...

oooh em geeee I love your bike! It is the cutest thing ever! I'm playing catch up on my blog reading so Happy Birthday again, hehe and PS I think you look great but I know what you mean about it not necessarily being about being skinny but feeling good!