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Friday, November 19, 2010

New things in the Shoppe!

New things in the Shoppe. Go look!

* * *

We loved HP7. We got home around 4a and seriously, you gotta go see it! We took the kids out for a great dinner at Malone's, one of Lexington's finest and then took a quick run to Wally's for candy (to smuggle in of course). Got to the theater to find the line COMPLETELY around the building. No joke. lol Thankfully our time was one of the later ones (12:29a) and we got awesome seats! We were in that row right behind the bar, propped our feeties up and relaxed while we waited. We got into the theater at 11p. lol I fell asleep for a bit (we brought a blanket with us, i know, smart!). The movie was just fantastic, one of the best so far. I can't tell you, go! Go! :) Spread the HP love. He's just grown into such a wonderful young man, our Harry. :)

Of course I'm going again. Hello!


Liberty :) said...

i loved it! wrote a review on my blog but hard without giving too much away! thought the acting was finally up to scratch too, soooooooooo excited for the last one!

Marianna said...

I LOVED it too! and yep gotta see it again it was just too awesome not to! :)