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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Girls Getaway {and updates}

Last week I had a girls getaway with my girlfriends. I had THE best time. We flew out of Lexington on Thursday and headed south to Marco Island and stayed there until Sunday afternoon. We did a lot of relaxing, saw a couple chick flicks (Eat, Pray, Love and Eclipse!), tried some new restaurants (yum!), did some shopping (spent too much money bought Christmas gifts), found shells on the beach, walked the beach and pier, had a couple strawberry daquiri's (omg. delicious!) and had wonderful girl conversations (you know, making fun of our husbands, that sort of thing).

We all painted our toes dark purple. :)

We're going back next year (and maybe this March!).

Me. Moon. and our friend Boo.

it was raining this we went shopping, went out for dinner (strawberry daquiri's -- remember?) and came back and watched a movie. We really had a lovely time.

Okay so I'll have the new things up tomorrow. It's raining here and I'm having trouble with photos...we're supposed to have nice weather tomorrow so I'll snap, edit and load. An email-reminder will go out. It will be sometime in the afternoon. I'll post here when I add them.

I hope you're all enjoying this week, I sure am. Tonight Moon and I are off for some late-night shopping. I hope we find everything we need to finish up. :)

Talk to you later!

1 comment:

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I'm jealous! What a fun trip and what a great time to get away. I have never been to Marco Island, but it sounds divine. You will have to share some more pictures. Merry Christmas! Love & blessings from NC!