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Friday, December 10, 2010

i have been away. {sorry}

(christmas is coming! christmas is coming! let's sing and dance!)

i have been home. just busy.
it's that time of year when my world begins to spin.
it's a wonderful time of year.


on sunday i'm having my online open house.
please come.
those on my mailing list know what time it "officially" begins.
if you want to know too, just get on the list.
the list gets first notice because things sell out very quickly
so it's just fair.

today i'm heading to my girls school to see them get awards for excellence in studies.
so proud.
today my folks come to bring gifts to natalie who's celebrating 11 years of life.
so happy.
tomorrow i'll be taking photos, editing photos, listing photos for you.
so excited!

i hope your weekend brings joy!
see you Sunday? {i hope!}

ps: ALL items from my open house that are purchased before WEDNESDAY
will ship out the day after they are bought. if you buy something on monday, it will ship tuesday and so on.
i will be going out of town from thursday to sunday and if you purchase things during that time,
they will ship on monday, december 20th.

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