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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I learned about Couponing.

Last night at our church we had a seminar on Couponing {for beginners}. I am definitely a beginner. How do I know? Because I rarely (if ever) use coupons but after seeing a recent TLC show on Extreme Couponing, I knew I needed to get in the game.

Typically we spend on average around 700 to 900 dollars each month, I said EACH. Yeah. It's a lot, I know. ::sigh:: So we're going to really work hard this next month and see how we do. Wish us luck!

Here are some things I took away from last nights meeting. (it was great, btw)

First of all, I don't know it all -- yet. But let me tell you some favorite things I took away from my couponing (for beginners) class tonight.
1. Stop buying things when you "need" them because this might cause you to NOT have a coupon at the time you need the item, but it will also cause you to pay full price--two things you want to avoid. The idea is to buy things that are items you'll ALWAYS need (deodarant, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, toothbrushes, etc). Stock up on these items and learn to get them for free or nearly free. One of the things she talked about tonight was instead of buying the "larger" sized item and having a coupon for 1.00 off, purchase the smaller sized item (that is 2 dollars normally) and when Kroger has it for .99 cents use your 1.00 off coupon and get it for FREE. Use this same method on any of the other items mentioned and stock-pile so that when you "need" them you'll have them and will have paid next-to-nothing for them. Smart.
2. Coupon Stacking. ie: use a manufacturer's coupon when kroger is having it already reduced and make sure you use your Kroger-plus card so that you can get all THREE discounts, giving your items that rock-bottom discount.

3. Use online coupons. (i do this already)
4. Use online coupon-cutting services (very very cheap) so that you don't have to purchase a lot of papers.
5. Recycling plants have lots of coupons. (i am not telling you to dumpster-dive unless that's yer thang)

6. Go often.

7. CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid seem to have the BEST in coupons for daily items.

here's a list of the sites where you can find coupons and learn about upcoming or current deals at your grocery store:




4.  (i get a lot of coupons from here)

5.  (this is a Cinci/Dayton, OH gal who is great! i've been following her for a while now--so if you're in that area - lex,ky too - her coupons/deals are more for kroger/meijer/jungle jims etc)

6.  (the gal who did the presentation last night, this is her blog--sign up to receive info!)

COUPON cutting service:

last night i purchased 30 dollars worth of coupons from dede's website (and every sunday newspaper insert from november until now) and my shipping was 5 dollars. i can't tell you how many coupons i ordered. at some point i just stopped counting. i know that i purchased about fifty coupons for cereal and most for 5 cents each. :) so it was well worth the hour that i spent going through the MASSIVE database of coupons. can't wait to start!

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