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Monday, February 21, 2011

happy monday

how was your weekend? ours was lovely. saturday brought quiet and bonding time. take a looky at this pic that the hubs snapped. funny kids. i'm always saying that the chaise lounge must (!) go because only one person can enjoy it at a time and that's certainly unfair. {by the way, it will be making its exit in the next month...can you hear the excitement in my voice? omg. it is so there.} so anyway, hubs thought he'd prove me wrong by taking a photo of the kids all smooshed together. {yeah. it's still going.}

i do like the fact that the kids aren't fighting... or i don't think they are. lol you never can tell sometimes.

sunday i made a short trip to cincinnati {even though i am sick} because the gem show was in town. omg. it was fantastic {as always} and of course i grabbed a huge bag of goodies. this week i'll be putting up some pieces that i know you'll love. my favorite thing from the lot are these gorgeous strands of buttery pineapple quartz, lemon jasper, and this amazing cracked fire agate that i think i could just eat! {no. seriously. i could.}

i'll show you a few pics later on tonight that i took with my phone {so don't expect great quality people.}
but the real thing will come tomorrow and throughout the week. i'm just giddy with glee and my heart is popping a mile a minute just thinkin' about it! {is yours?}

have a happy monday :)

1 comment:

Jackie Youn said...

That color yellow is one of my favorites! Sometimes I wish you could come see the bead market we have here in Seoul. It's actually three buildings that are 5 stories tall filled with every fabric, thread, yarn, and bead known to man!