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Monday, February 21, 2011

my dance.

winter is a time when everyone hunkers down and stays indoors, shutting out the life outside and hibernating until the sun shows his face again. i love winter before christmas but as soon as presents are opened and the new year ball drops i am eagerly awaiting new life and a new dance. the dance of what my come.

when i saw the table of gorgeous sunny yellows i knew they had to be mine. buttery yellows have never been in my closet and i'm not sure why. last month i found a mustard scarf with adorable tassels at the tips and it just makes me so happy. i wear it all the time with my gray sweater moon gave to me {i practically live in that sweater, by the way. it's a serious addiction. but it's so cozy!}.

anyway, when i came home the first thing my fingers landed on were these soft yummy opal yellow gemstones. they are my new dance.

i've added strips of turquoise. with the gold mixed in you can just feel the warmer days coming. i know i can.

earrings come too :)

i hope when you wear it you'll think of all the new dances you're going to have this spring.

to view more photos, go HERE.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Laurie, you are so funny! I have never been a fan of yellow either, but something about the warmness of it right now is attracting me too! Beautiful pieces. :)