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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy {Valentine's} Monday!

We're not doing anything crazy-special for Valentine's Day. We rarely celebrate this holiday but usually make time for a dinner out. :)

We had a nice weekend. It was loud. lol We had a girl scouts sleepover on Saturday night and I took a little video of the dancing. This is my good friend Lisa (Moon was there too but she was watching like me lol) teaching the girls some funky line dancing.

We had 12 girls and one tiny girl (see little blondie dancing? that's AnnMarie - the life of the party at just four years old lol). Lisa hosted all the girls and is always soooo gracious. Love her!

So. Guess what?! This weekend is the bead show. I'm just so giddy thinking about it, of course this always happens. lol This time I won't be buying silver...unless it's a good deal that I can pass along. Silver (as I've said before) is on the rise and is just outrageous! Seriously people. ::sigh:: But if I see some fun little silver beadies I'll buy them for earrings. :)

Of course you know what having a bead show to attend means for me here in the shoppe. It means I'll have a clear-out sale. I'll be making necklaces for Spring and they will be available for purchase on Thursday. :) So be sure to get on the mailing list cuz there just might be a coupon code in there!

You all have a loving Valentine's Day! Jeff has to go to school tonight. Boo. He said he'll take me out for dinner later this week! Yay!

ps: if you have not received your order yet (if you ordered before last week, that is) can you let me know? since my computer crashed i'm having difficulty accessing some of my files. hopefully this week we'll be getting the system reloaded and i'll be back up and running. :)

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