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Thursday, February 3, 2011

no idea about today...

i have no idea when i'll have earrings up today. this is certainly not the week i had intended but it's been even worse for my family. natalie won't be going back to school until monday and will have missed this whole week. bless her heart. she's just very weak and sleeps a lot. i plan on taking her to lunch today when she gets up.

so it's caused some sticks in my spokes plus not having my own laptop. i am SO thankful that jeff had one that he wasn't using (he got a mac at the beginning of the school year) and i can use his. it works perfectly fine. mine is in the shop. moon's hubby is the owner of the computer shop here in our town and he said he thinks he can grab all the stuff off my drive. boy i hope so. i have so many photos (of things that would mean nothing to anyone but me) and links to important stuff, that i'd be lost without it. as soon as i get that info, i'll be loading it onto my server so it will be forever available to me. lol

in the meantime, keep checking the blog... i'd say around 5p. :)

thank you so much for all the lovely emails about nat. :)

{hugs to you all}

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