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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

techology woes...

a few months back i had this suspicion that my computer would die a fateful death fairly soon. boy, was i right. no. i didn't fall up the steps (like i did last time). no. the boy didn't pop a water balloon on the keyboard (like he did last time). no, it's just age and over-use i suppose.

jeff texts me today and says that he thinks my hard drive is SOL. (that stands for shoot-outa-luck, in case you were wondering) i'm not so attached to the things on my computer, that i'd break down in tears or anything like that, but it would be a lot of trying to find all that stuff again. the great thing for me is that A: i use AOL and most of the important stuff is all inside folders there and B: all my photographs of family, friends and jewelry are hidden on pages up in space somewhere. it's the house photos i'll miss (the things i find on other blogs that i think i would someday like to do and such nonsense). so that stuff is gone foreva if they can't get it off my desktop. boo.

in the meantime i'm working on the kids computer which isn't the worst thing in the world. lol i'll load photos up tomorrow and thursday but it will take me much longer since i'm doing it differently. add to that, everyone has been sick here and i'm really hoping we stop passing it around to each other. enough is enough people!

say a quick prayer for my pink dell, won't you? she's a good girl and deserves another year or two. :)

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