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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday's table {new projects}

for quite some time i've wanted to share things that are on my work table. basically i'll be showing you current projects or new things i've found that you might enjoy, that sort of thing.

with this being the first 'tuesday' i'm going to share something that was sent to me earlier this month.

i've been creating jewelry since 2002 and in that time i've found that when it comes to tools, you get what you pay for. i started out using those cheapy tools from michaels {and back then they were pretty basic tools} and other hobby places. my first "good" tools were purchased from the wonderful Connie Fox. they were lindstrom flush cutters. i love them. i have several pairs. over the years i've added other tools to my collection but i'm always going back to my favorite three:

1. round nose pliers
2. bent nose pliers
3. flush cutters
{i use crimpers too}

when you find what works for you, stick with it. changing things up in the tool area isn't always the best idea unless the change is for the better. if you purchase a pair of tools on recommendation of another beader, then you're probably okay. experienced beaders know what works and what doesn't. believe me, i have done some really stoooopid things in the past but once i've gone around fools hill, i don't go back. lol

earlier this month i received the nicest letter from mike billings, marketing manager at lindstrom. i had an issue with a pair of flush cutters and they were so gracious to fix it for me. not only did mike have a new pair sent to me, he also sent me this letter along with two new tools that have yet to be introduced to the public.

you should have seen my face when i opened up my box. inside it were two new jewelry tools, made especially for wire-wrappers like me. i was giddy. the girls thought i'd gone bonkers, i'm sure. but it's times like these when you feel like you're apart of the community of people who make what you do so EASY. my work could never be so precise or 'clean' {as i like to call it} without these amazing tools. i feel like i'm in good hands with my lindstrom tools.

the new tools came in a leather-bound zipper case, such a nice touch, too.

since i've had them for several weeks now i thought i'd share my thoughts...

i simply love them.

at first i was worried because the pliers aren't bent nose, but i was shocked to see how quickly i could adapt to this style of tool. my favorite part is the weight of the handles and how they fit beautifully in my hands. it's like a favorite pair of gloves. also, when you go to squeeze a wire into place the weight is distributed evenly and you don't get that funky lop-sided wrap that you see often in work. that's from a poor set of tools. if you have good tools, you get an even weight and the wrap will stand upright and firm.

the handles material is different, i don't know what it is but i like it. i am allergic to latex, plastic and silicone {who knew?} so handles can be a really tricky thing for me, giving me thick scabs that run across my hands. awful. typically i wrap my handles with tape to keep them from touching my skin but it doesn't usually matter, the damage still manages to get to me. yuck. however, these are completely different. i love them. i've noticed no new markings on me when i use them and i'm thrilled to report that you'll soon be able to get your own when they hit the market later this year.

in short, my favorite things about my new tools...

the edges of the blades are all rounded so there's no nicking your metal when you're wrapping.
they have a nice weight to them
fits your hands like a glove
made of a material i am not allergic to
weight is evenly distributed

i can't say enough thanks to mike billings and the folks over at lindstrom. it was such a kind gesture to include me in their testing of these new tools. i'm honored and will cherish my gifts for as long as they have life...which will be a very, very long time. i love my lindstrom tools. :)

* * *

there are so many wonderful tools out there but i tend to be a creature of habit, sticking to what i know and love. it's a good thing but it can also spill out in my other work and limit my imagination, this is something i'm working on. for instance, i have new gemstones and i plan to put them with some gorgeous ceramic pieces i found on etsy. i've had them in my cart for a while but this morning i finally took the plunge and purchased thhem. :) it's about breaking the molds you set for yourself and being free to explore new territories.

after all, i'm looking for a new dance.

i'll be back next tuesday with some more new things on my table.

1 comment:

A Loopie Family said...

How exciting! FREE new tools. I can't even imagine! Please let us know when we can purchase these tools..or just when you see them avaiable and where...i am in dire need of some like this and am willing to wait for the best. So glad to see a REAL reviewer of these. Thanks!