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Friday, April 1, 2011

april fool's and my son

the news man said we were a quarter through the year. what? when did that happen? he's right though. we are. kinda scary really if you stop and think about it. it's A P R I L.

this year brings two big birthdays. nathaniel will be turning 13. a teenager. ::sigh:: i'm not sure i'm ready for this. i never saw any of my kids past the age of ten in my mind, and we're way past that now. lol way.

so when he came running into my room last night, yelling about the cut on his arm and did i have anything for it or should we go to the hospital, i about had heart failure.

{snapped with my iphone}

so then when i begin to freak, he stops me and says "early april fools mom!" lol
he made this fake blood with a prank kit he got for christmas that he's finally putting to use. it also comes with itching powder. i sure hope i don't get that on me today. lol
what a boob. this tells me i'm in for a lot of craziness with his teen years. :)
thankfully he's a good fella and won't try and torture me too badly...i hope. lol

the other big birthday is me. i turn forty this year. {moon will be forty before me though. just sayin.shh. don't tell her i told you. she turns the big 4.0 in august. i'm november. see? i told you. she's way before me! lol} not sure what we're gonna do yet to celebrate it. something big and fun. :)

i'm not into april fool's jokes {aren't you glad!?} but i do have a fun april sale for ya.

this bracelet is in the shoppe for order only while supplies last...
Spring Cupcake

it is so cute! grab one while you can. they'll be gone soon because all good things have to end sometime {or when i'm so overwhelmed that i can't take on any more. lol}

* * *
after school today we're taking the kids to my folks' house for a week to spend spring break with them.
my mom is a big entertainer and my dad goes along for the ride. lol cracks me up! so while they're
having a grand time living it up, jeff and i will be working on our master bathroom. i'm going to take
photos so you can see. :) we're gutting it to the studs. ack!

i might do some painting too. you just never know. i'm pretty sure i'll be doing something with paint. lol

have a great weekend! happy april everyone! summer is so close! yay!!!

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