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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

back in full swing...

hi and happy wednesday :)

i'm really in shock over how fast easter has arrived. are you? i'm sure if you go through posts from years past that you'll find where i say it every year. yeah. pretty sure.

it's almost may! crayzee.

last week this time i was in an ICU room waiting to hear about jeff's heart condition. today we spent a good portion of our day at the Gill Heart Institute at UK, talking to his cardiologist on how to proceed from here. thankfully he's doing great and feeling like his old self again, ready to take on the world. while his doc said it was rare for someone so young to have this condition, it wasn't uncommon. from here on out, should he begin to feel strange, he can email his cardio doc and then they'll figure out what to do. i'm really amazed at the care we've received. have i mentioned i'll never leave kentucky? i love it here. it's almost been twelve years. this is home.

thank you again for all the wonderful emails. i had close to two hundred (194 to be exact). you have no idea how appreciative i am of your kindnesses to us.

so i'm back in full swing! tomorrow (possibly tonight) depending on the weather, i'll have the things i intended to put up for last weeks easter sale in the shoppe. they're so darling. lots of bracelets with peppy colors, fun, bright earrings and necklace sets. love love!

sorry for the triple no-pictures-posts. ::sigh:: it's been one of those months i guess. :)

love you all.

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