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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Petite Threla {coupon code}

it's not often that i review products i love, but i'm thinking i should start. there are so many times when people ask me where i got this or that and i'm glad to share. so my latest find is Petite Threla on Etsy.

Threla has a main website, but as much as i loved browsing through each page and viewing all the products, i loved how the owner, TH, put together the sampler packs on etsy. so i tend to purchase there. everything is all-natural and is made with the best ingredients. you can read their entire story HERE.

i recently stumbled upon Petite Threla via Very Jane (sign up, great stuff!) and when my package arrived i was just giddy with excitement. the products are fabulous, top-notch and reasonably priced. i am in love!

so here are a few of my favorites...
 lemongrass soap. ohmyword. it's a nice chunky bar and filled with goodness. this is a must. if it's not in stock, inbox TH {the owner} and she'll add it for you. it's really fabulous.

 lip glaces. i wear them constantly. these are in a sense, chapsticks, but not. they are creamy and smooth, not waxy like traditional chapstick and they're lightly scented {not obnoxious, i can't stand obnoxious smells} and they are all tinted. they almost seem like lipstick but they're not as bulky or heavy. i adore them.

my TOP favorite is Toasted Coconut. however, i also love jasmin, sangria, plum, guava passionfruit, honey pear, apple and burnt caramel... and my NEW favorite is maraschino cherry.

i love their packaging too.

it has a soft red tint and perfect for a night out. love it.

i also purchased a couple lip balms too, and my girls love them. i bought irish cream and earl grey. for $8 dollars you can pick three. awesome stuff. :)

right now TH is on vacation but is still shipping, plus she's offering a coupon code for 10% off your total order. i think i might need a few more glaces... just sayin'.

remember to use code 10AWAY when you check-out. i hope you love these products as much as i do... and i bet you will. they're really wonderful! enjoy!

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