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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new changes in the works...

why hello! how are you? it's been a while since i made a post, and that's mainly because school has started, orders are coming in and i find little time to sit down and chat. boo. however, i'm getting back into the swing of things so you'll be hearing from me a little more often i hope.

so. let's talk.
about six years ago one of my bloggy-beady friends introduced me to something called PMC. ie: precious metal clay. it looks and acts like clay but when it's fired it turns into sterling silver. amazing stuff. well, for the longest time i've wanted to get my hands on it, and while i did order a tiny package of it moons ago, i never tried it nor did i even open it up. ::sigh:: i quickly found out that you needed a lot more than just a stove burner to make this stuff come to life... no you needed an expensive kiln, tools, books... well, you get the idea. and i had none of that and with my life being busy i just never seemed to get control of time-management and get started with it.

until now.
last week i sold some gold and silver scrap and got enough money to buy another kiln, tools, pmc... well.... lol all of it. my chilipepper kiln only works for beads. (by the way, gold is on the rise, so sell off your junk stuff from the 80's and make some money--you might make enough to take a cruise! i have a friend who made 4K on old junky stuff from her teenage years). anyway, i'm ready to go with the pmc.

i cannot wait to show you. :) but until then... (i'm hoping next week) it's a secret.

here's what i can tell you... all throughout the week i'm going to be having close-out prices on a lot of my things. i'm not saying that i'll give up glass, but i will be cutting back on it drastically. i need a change.... and a change is on the way.

i'll see you tomorrow with some new goodies. :)

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