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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hello! {happy tuesday}

hello! happy tuesday!

last friday i added some new items and let all my email subscribers know, and a lot was sold but there's still some left if you'd like to take a look. :)

i love this one and it's still here. the focal is beautiful. reminds me of a sunny beach with floating clouds.

this year my online annual holiday open house (!!!) will be earlier than usual. our son is in our town's production of Scrooge at the theater house. so exciting! he doesn't have a huge part as this is an adult play, but he does have some speaking lines and will be in the musical dance numbers. i can't wait!

so i'll be busy during the entire month of december. the online open house will be wednesday, december 7th at 7:30p. hopefully you'll be online to check everything out. :) it's always a huge hit and i always have huge discounts for holiday gifts.

ok, i'm going to get moving. so many things to do today. oh and hey, have you seen the new Whitney sitcom on Thursday nights? omg. too funny.

i'm outie. have a good one!

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