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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

love {& loss}

hi. i know. it's been a long time. for weeks months i've had a difficult time blogging. not sure why. i have a lot going on and i'm hoping that things will slow down and that my desire to chat will come back {because let's face it. i'm chatty.}

something happened to very close friends of ours. you know my friend. i've blogged about her many times. remember these faces on one of their visits? five of those faces are my friend carie's. we have been friends forever. it's one of the things i am most proud of, that i have this person out there that i have known so long and i know that if i really, truly need something she will be there for me. with open arms. crying with me. no matter what. in good times and in sad. that's the way lifelong friends are, after all. there is no greater love.

{that's a lot of hair i had, and look how preppy carie is with her izod and wooden handled purse.}
 {this was taken about seven years ago, thankfully i have lost some weight but carie still looks fabulous.}

on october 7th my dear friend delivered a full-term little boy, but he was born still. my heart is so heavy for their family, whom we love so so much. both jeff and i walked around for days with this weighing us down and feeling their pain, it was simply the worst thing that could have ever happened. it was a freak accident. so random. the cord was wrapped around his leg five times, cutting off circulation to his body and heart. i am just so sad...i cannot even begin to imagine what they are feeling.

i wanted to do something. didn't know what. many people ask me to create 'memory' pieces for them and i am always happy to do it, but carie is a busy mom of five and doesn't need something banging into the washing machine or earrings that might get stuck in her sweater as she's taking it off. i needed something easy, something that i would wear...

and i thought of what i love the most... little charms. since i'd been working on PMC {precious metal clay} i decided to make something. with the help of my friend Beth from Hint, i made a relief drawing of the tiny lion that was on little baby's outfit, the last outfit he would wear. i then sent my drawing off to have made into a stamp, finally pressing it into PMC and then firing it.

i have debated sharing this story. not sure how to tell it, and being so personal...but then i thought of how many people who might be hurting and needing something just to keep with them, next to their skin.... that's special. personal. endearing. something tangible. 

here's the little lion and baby's initial along with a freshwater pearl.

he is not perfect. this is one of the first pieces i have created. truthfully i love his imperfections. he is so sweet, this sweet little angel lion. i hope she can feel a bit of peace in her heart as she wears it. i love her so. <3


Beth said...

It's beautiful and just as special as the love with which it was given.

You have an amazing gift of expressing yourself in a deeply emotional way.

Nicely done, Laurie. And I will offer a prayer for your friends.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

It's beautiful, Laurie, truly. And what makes it most beautiful is the love behind it. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend and her family.