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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what a great long weekend!

hello friends!

lots to share... i'm trying to be a better blogger. :)

earlier in the school year our son, Nathaniel, tried out for Kentucky's Honor's Choir. he was so excited when we got news that he'd been asked to participate. while i didn't get to tape the entire two hour production, i was able to video one of my favorite songs of the performance. first, let me tell you that i cannot get over the voice-change, new height and the fact he'll be fourteen in a few months. ::sigh:: where have the years gone?

singing, i shan't be gone long. they did such a great job.
{sorry for my shaking hands, it was difficult to keep my phone steady}

yesterday we had a photo shoot with Moon, it's been two years, if you can believe it or not. i'm not liking this trend of time passing so quickly. however, we had a wonderful day {despite a bit of wind}, and as soon as she edits all the photos, i'll post more, but for now here you go:


 the girls...nicole (10), nadine (9) and natalie (11)

 the family....growing up so fast my entryway of my home, i have this quote framed on the wall. :)
we had a fun time doing some more "sexy" photos, if you can call these sexy, but there was a lot of giggling going on by me. lol and jeff kept trying to lick my face. lol i'm so glad moon made us do these.

and last but not least...thank you for all the emails and facebook comments, wishing me a happy birthday. forty only comes around once. lol i had a GREAT week! i went out to eat more times than i'd like to share, but it was worth it. my folks came to town the weekend before and took me out for lunch, friends missy and lisa took me out for lunch on wednesday, jeff and the family took me out for dinner wednesday night, then thursday i recovered from all the mother-in-law came for the weekend and she took me out too! lol but moon surprised me with our gang of girlfriends at PF Changs. they made me wear a "40" crown. lol it really wasn't so bad turning forty. :)

 our waiter was wonderful too... and smelled very nice. lol ::wink wink::

i hope you are all having a great November {can you believe it!?} -- remember my Online Holiday Open House is coming up soon. :) later tonight i'll be reducing the prices of the items remaining in my shoppe. be sure to check them out.

happy wednesday!

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