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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

new things {in the shoppe}

{taken november 2011 by my bf moon}

happy holidays friends!

this has been a wild month for us, both bad and good. here's the scoop.

a few months ago my hands began shaking, almost like temors and i didn't want to go and have it checked out. however, after a few months of this driving me bonkers, i had no choice but to see someone about it. long story short my thyroid hasn't been working and my blood pressure is through the roof. ::sigh:: so they put me on some meds and thankfully i'm feeling worlds better! :)

nathaniel has been in our towns production of Scrooge, doing an amazing job, the entire cast has been fantastic. i can't even begin to tell you. this is the last weekend, and we're going to see it again on Saturday night. cannot wait! it's just like any wonderful broadway play in new york. love it.

so the last not-so-great thing that happened is that my purse was stolen out of my car a little over a week ago. just devastated. not only did i have cash in there, but i had put some loose diamonds inside the zip pocket. they were my grandmother's diamonds {remember me telling you we removed them from their old settings and sold the gold? that's how i got my new kiln...} anyway, we'd planned to have the diamonds set into something nice for christmas. ::sigh:: i think that was the biggest heartbreak of the entire year. not only did my favorite little coach bag get stolen, but my grandmother's diamonds are now long gone... so sad. i sobbed for two days. my daughter, nicole, put a letter in my room, telling me that i could have all of her birthday money {which was inside} so i could buy myself another new purse. i just sat and cried. bless her heart. i had told her that i just couldn't go out and buy a new purse like that... so she was trying to help. so sweet.

it's been an interesting month for sure, but even with these ups and downs i'm still so excited for christmas even if there's nothing for me under our tree. i can't wait to see the kids faces and how excited they are. we have some real surprises in the works. cannot wait!!!!

so lastly... my shoppe is filled with new goodies. be sure to check them out. go HERE. :)

have a great week, be safe out there!

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