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Friday, February 17, 2012

love grows {within you} sterling necklace

hello dear friends... it's been a long time, i know. :) i guess i needed a break from blogging.

here's a little of what's been going on with us...

nathaniel and natalie are both in their school's production of Annie. i cannot tell you how excited i am for them. theater has become a staple of our life these days.

jeff took his Praxis test and scored a 198 out of a possible 200. how exciting! he finishes classes in june but he will walk the line in may. my little family will be there cheering him on. it's something that doesn't happen everyday, your husband of nearly 18 years graduates from college {again}. we are so proud, so overjoyed and i'm madly in love with my fella.

so onto jewelry...

i've thoroughly enjoyed making my sterling charms for you all. here's my Sweetest Letter necklace with a couple additional charms. i love how this turned out.

there's something about wearing my necklace that makes me feel comforted. like my family is with me, all the time. love grows within you... if you'd like to see more photos, go HERE.

i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. we just finished watching Big with Tom Hanks. my kids had never seen it, and what a darling movie it was. i teared up at the end. speaking of movies... a few weeks back the kids watched The Indian in the Cupboard and there's a scene when they're in New York City and in the background you can see the Twin Towers. it made me just stop and rewind it several times, wishing that they were still standing tall in the skyline.

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