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Thursday, June 7, 2012

hello friends :)

it has been a while since i posted, but it's summer and you know how busy summer months can be.

the last month of school was a complete blur. after our DC trip we just found each week passing by faster and faster. i don't care for getting up at the crack of dawn, so summer is always a welcome friend. however, the kids are so bored by the time school begins, that they're ready to get into the swing of homework and darker nights.

this time last year we were dealing with jeff's heart attack(s) and getting him in better shape. a year later he's in great shape, working out every single day and by his example i too have become the exercise queen. so despite the shock of his poor health, i am happy to say that he's so much better! :) thank you for all your prayers during that difficult time. it was much appreciated.

below are a few pics from the last couple months... enjoy.

 nathaniel as Daddy Warbucks with Annie in the school play. April 2012.

the girls had a "friend" stay the night. thankfully it left. lol June 2012.

i came out to the backyard to find my fella and there he was in his hammock. June 2012.

for jeff's graduation, his mom and i gave him an iPad3. he was so excited! he snapped this pic of me a few days later. not bad. :) May 2012.

 spending some time at the local starbucks with my fella. June 2012.

 my bf took this photo of nicole & her teacher at her 5th grade graduation. time flies. my babies are all growing up. May 2012.

i have more to share but this is enough for tonight. i hope you're all doing well. hugs to you!

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