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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

summer instagram photos...

hello friends!

i think i've told you i started doing project life. believe me, i'm not sticking to the rules of taking pictures every-single-day, but i'm happy to get a bunch during the month and posting them here.

 so here goes...

 after two years and countless hours of studying, my fella graduated from Asbury University with an Education degree. he begins student teaching this fall, but all his classes {and all-niters of studying} are over! praise the lord! did i mention he had a 4.0 GPA? i know. i'm so proud. sooo proud. <3

nadine with her face painting from the library's party for the summer reading program. let the summer festivities begin!

Grandma turns 70! time flies! we had a surprise party for her, i'm pretty sure she was surprised.

 jeff and bennett at grandma's party.

my girls (nadine pretending to be sad lol). it was a fun party!

 my goofy BF. this is my Moon hiding from the Sun. ha.
we've had fun at the pool so far this summer despite the wicked, wicked heat.

vintage-color via instagram. our towns pool. love.

 enjoyed the 'block party' downtown with my fella. it was a great way to spend a friday evening.

this is the best i could do. he never smiles in photos. what's wrong with men and cameras? 

we had lunch at melissa's  one day while the kids were gone and jeff snapped this. :)

while the kids were in ohio with our folks, we took advantage of some much-needed magazine reading time at JoBeth's bookstore.

every friday morning a bunch of us girlies get together and have breakfast. during the school year we meet at 7:45a but with these lazy summer days, we're meeting at 9a. sooo nice. our first friday of the summer was at a friends and i caught her dog eating our leftover goodies. lol

my friend, susan, lives on a horse farm in our county. it's no ordinary horse farm either. this place is AMAZING!!! look at this entryway leading into her home? i know, right?

nicole and maddie (moon's daughter) went off to 4H camp. they're the last two on the right side. they had a blast and can't wait to go again next year!

natalie went off to Burnamwood, our church camp. she had a ball. she's in the first row, on the left. it was a long camp, dropped her off on Monday morning and she came home on Saturday afternoon. i think she slept for three days afterward. lol

 i love flowers in my bedroom. these are my current bunch from trader joes. you can't beat it! ten bucks for a huge bunch of gorgeous pink gerber daisies! love love love.

 i am in love with labels. always have been. these are so divine. did i mention i love trader joes?

one early morning after a shower (thus the wet hair).... we decided to pop into starbucks. it's always so calming there. i don't know the name of my coffee. i asked the girl to just make something with caramel that was extra good. and she did! yummo.

flowers from the same bunch. i love our back ledge for these three sweet IKEA vases i snagged for $1 each. they're so lovely.

my mother-in-law took this of the kids in her corn fields, tagging it, "children of the corn." ha!
natalie wasn't there, she was at camp when this was taken.

in my 20's i began getting the stray gray-white hair. really, i knew i would "white" early because my grandmother had very white, white hair (as does my mother). i'm not ready to embrace it at forty, but i have gone ultra super blonde to help keep them "hidden."  everyone asks me why i decided to go SO blonde, and that's the reason. i'm not a true blonde but what's a girl to do with so much white hair? lol

thankfully my husband thinks it's totally hot so i'm happy to keep it going for as long as i can. :)
by the way, you see my itouch stuck in my dress? i'm currently listening to Bared to You by Sylvia Day. ohmercy. what a good book. :) 

* * *

you all have a great week! i'll be having a huge sale on friday. don't miss it! :)

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