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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

hello friends :)

the kids went back to school last week, can you believe it? crayzee, i know. no more lazy days for a while but i'm okay with that, i cherish my quiet work mornings. i'm already caught up on private orders and resizing projects. phew.

so i wanted to get back into posting some book reviews (i'm not a big-time reviewer, i just like to give you basic facts on books that i found inviting). recently i've come upon some wonderful books...

first up is Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. i was taken aback by how sweet it turned out, and although my daughters aren't ready just yet to read this book, i've added it to their read-when-they're-older list for sure.

sweet innocent abby meets bad-boy travis, and sparks fly. it's a fast-roller coaster of events and a few parts that had me rolling my eyes due to their youth, but weren't we all crazy-stupid when we were teenagers? yup. when i know it's a good, grab-your-heart book, i get to the end of the book and immediately start it over. i'm so goofy like that, i know, but apparently i'm not the only one out there who does that. :) this book is complete with angst (that i tend to be drawn to in my books) but it's a simple tale of finding true love and trying to hang on to it. i think you'll be surprised how much you like it. (it's also a soon-to-be-movie, bonus!)

here was my review on my audible account:

typically i read books with sequels or that happen to be trilogies. i usually get lucky and find a good series where i'm able to get the first two books right away, only having to wait for the third for a couple months. with Beautiful Disaster i was thrilled to find out that it had another book coming out from Travis' POV but annoyed that i'd have to wait until next SPRING to find out more about the lives of Abby and Travis. boo.

this book took me right in, telling me about the characters lives and leaving out little bits to keep me wondering what would happen as it went along. of course, there were a few parts where i was rolling my eyes in some of the scenes simply because these two young lovers were overreacting about silly nonsense. i married young and i look back on my life then and think, "would i react that same way today?" and the answer is a profound, "no. absolutely not." i wouldn't get carried away like these two did, but you have to remember that they're barely 19 and i remember acting like an idiot at 19 so don't judge them too harshly.

i wanted more as i got to the end of the book. i wanted to know about their lives. i envisioned them having adventures and finally settling down to have a family. i wanted them to find their Ever After. as i got to that last 10 minutes of the book, i found myself excited to start it over, immediately... which i did, twice. sometimes i listen to a book a couple times before i let the characters go. this was one of those books i really fell in love with Abby and Travis.... and i think you will too.

the narration was superb, and i found this book because i'd listened to Divergent, same narrator. fabulous.

have a great week everyone! :)

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