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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Namaste Bracelet Set

Good afternoon! I wanted to put this up before the day gets away from me. :) You can see it here...

In other news... I didn't get anything shipped yesterday. Around 1p I got a call from the school nurse, telling me that Natalie had been in an accident. Another student was playing with a ball (a soccer ball, we think) and he didn't see Natalie walking in front of him, likewise Natalie didn't see him getting ready to kick the ball. ::sigh:: As soon as she spotted him, the ball had already been kicked and Natalie put her hand up to stop it. Snap! So, long story short... it turns out that she broke a bone in the top of her hand... the bones that lead into the wrist. So, the rest of my day was consumed with that... it's always something around here, isn't it? One of these days people are going to think I make all this stuff up!

Natalie's doing okay, a little sore, but otherwise okay. Poor thing! You know, last year she broke her elbow because the neighbor filled a hole on her property with bricks (difficult to see, easy to feel!) and natalie fell into the hole while running between the houses. Here's to hoping that this is the last accident for Natalie!

I need to scat! Work to do and stuff to mail out! Have a great day! :)

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