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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A really. really. good day!

It was a good day. A really good day. Aren't good days the best? :) Yeah. I reckin' they are.

I posted about twelve boxes this morning before leaving to have lunch with friends. We laughed ourselves silly, talking about books and who's reading what and when and whether or not I should try any of them. I'm a chick-flick book reader, we've already hashed this out so there's no need to talk about it again, but some of my girlfriends like reading books that make them cry.

Booo. Hisss.

No matter. They like what they like! I don't care! I stand firm. I am vigil. I shall not be defeated!! NO. NO I will not!

Anyhoo... we had a great time as usual and then I came home to what? To kill bees. Yup. You read that correctly. I came home to see my darling hubby sitting on the porch working on client stuff and enjoying the romping of Bella and Sallie in the front yard.

So. The bees?

Yes. We have bees. Bees that burrow into the wood of the house, right by the roof line and under the gutters. Darn those bees! We've dealt with them for five years and although the problem hasn't necessarily gotten any worse than it did that first Summer we moved in, we still do NOT. LIKE. THE. BEES. No. NO. NOOO! So I spent at least an HOUR with a red rake, swatting them to the ground and then stomping on them with my feet. :) Happiness. I think I stomped on about thirty of them by the time the hour was over. Yeah, and I don't want to hear about how they make honey and all that global warming crap. I no wanna hear it. Is that not very PC? No, I guess not. So pout about it. I don't care.

These are wood bees and they're destroying the wood on my house. We do not need these bees. They are trouble-makers and we have enough trouble-makers in the world. :) And, I had a lot of fun swatting their fat little furry bodies to the ground and making sure they were Dead To The World. :) (yeah, did you catch the Sookie Stackhouse title? :) Good one!!)

After the killing of the bees we took all the kids to the Mall where we made a fun stop at The Gap. :) The kids are now ready for Summer. Ahhhh... the joys of Summer. So much fun to be had! We will soon have our Summer pool pass and visit the water every single day when the sun is out. :) Joys abound!

We came back from our shopping spree to kill yet more bees, watch Bella play with the neighbor doggies and do a lot of sniffing. and running. and chewing. and chasing. It was fantastic! :) As soon as Emily has some more photos edited (cough cough!! EMILY hurrrrry!! cough cough!! -- I mean really, is school work that important???) I'll post them to the blog. :)

Well my peeps, I'm outie until tomorrow! I'm working on a few great things for Mother's Day. I'm also doing an Earring give-a-way. :) Have a great night. I'm working tomorrow... so I'll be around for emails. Talk atcha later!


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