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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day. My Studio Pics.

Hello Everyone and Happy Memorial Day! Are you having a nice weekend? It was gorgeous yesterday but today it's been rather rainy and icky, so we're not doing anything that would require us to hang around outside. Instead, my wonderful folks are coming today to take us out to lunch (Johnny Corino's) and to a movie (Night At The Museum II). So, we're going to have a great time doing that! : ) They should be here any time now so I will make this brief.

Originally I'd planned to have a sale for this day but I decided that I'd finish all the custom orders instead and have had lots of fun doing just that. Plus, shock of shocks, I've cleaned my studio room and took photos! You can check them out by clicking HERE. It took me three full hours to clean my room so you can imagine what it looked like before. LOL Actually, I did take a before shot so I'll add it later. I had to remove all the bits of glass from my glass work table and well, you need to go slowly because glass gets in your fingers. Been there done that. Anyway, I did a massive cleaning, getting to the bare of the table top and then putting everything back. :) Yeah! Don't you love a clean work space? I do, but when I get on a roll, things get messy as I'm sure my room will be soon enough. LOL

Well, I better scat. I still need to finish a pair of earrings for my Mom and a bracelet, she bought the Dream double-strand bracelet and asked for matching I better get a move on it.

You all have a terrific day and I'll catch ya tomorrow. I did manage to make a few fun things last week to put up. The colors are lemon grass, sea aqua blue and robin egg blue all on a white base... some are encased (my favorite) so check back tomorrow. :)



Lanyardlady said...

Hi Laurie, love your studio! I found similar cafeteria trays at the dollar store and use them for my beads. Handy!

JoeyandChase said...

Jack is too cute! Our puppies used to sleep on the desk too until they got too big! Now they are just under our feet! Gotta love it!

Great studio pics - it's always neat to see where the magic happens! LOL