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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jack {Bauer}

Okay, if you've just joined me today, please read the bottom post first. If you haven't been to my blog in oh, say, a week... please read the last few posts. It will bring you up to speed.

I took some photos of Jack a little bit ago, he was finally awake. We wore him out yesterday. :) Anyway, here he is. My photos are NO WHERE near as wonderful as Emily's but hey, I don't have her skill and her camera. So... here he is. He kept moving, he's very busy, so hopefully Em can get some good ones later on today. He's has a look. Can you see it? (Right now he's destroying a construction paper roll and hopping over shoes) Also, he hasn't been groomed in any way, still mussy. His first grooming will be Friday... ::tears:: he took Bella's spot.


Kristen said...

He's so handsome! Definitely has a look! He looks like he'll keep you busy for sure! ;)

JoeyandChase said...

He looks like he'll be a mischievous one! Put a bell on him so you can hear him coming and going! We did that for our girls when they were puppies! Works like a charm! :)

Stacie said...

Holy cow, Laurie, in that second photo he is ALL boy! :) I know he'll never be a "replacement" for Bella. But he definitely looks like he'll be an adorable addition to the family and make his own mark. Hang in there.