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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zumba Dancing!

Last Tuesday while waiting for Nadine to finish her dance class I got a bright idea. I thought that Moon and I should sign up for the next Zumba session, the INTRO session. I thought this was a great idea. The thing is? I didn't know what Zumba was or if I'd like it or if I could even DO it.

Several months ago, our Brownie troop leader, Hope, said that she was doing Zumba and LOVED it. I thought? Huh? What is this Zumba? I asked a few times and I'd get answers like, "oh it's the best thing EV-VER!!!!" or my favorite, "YOU gotta come! You'd LOVE it!" or even, "OMG!! It's so much fun! I laugh myself silly!" None of these statements tells me just WHAT Zumba is and I stopped asking. lol Then, a high school friend (Jenny) mentioned how "Zumba kicked my butt tonight!" and then that was it!


Well. Turns out, it's Latin Dancing. Very much like what you see on Dancing with the Stars, to be quite honest. When I mentioned this to Moon, her reaction was (with NO enthusiasm) "fantastic." (ROFL! she is so funny, that girl) Anyway, once I found out what it was I have to say I was a tad nervous. Oh well. Gotta take the plunge, right?

So, we paid for the class and began the week-long wait for the class to begin.

The first session was tonight.

I must admit, I was in no mood to attend any sort of dance-anything, but I'd already paid and felt like it would be a waste not to go. So I went.

You know what?

It was really great. I enjoyed myself and thankfully I wasn't the only goofball with two left feet and I sure wished I had the instructors backside and her figure, wow. But, with this new exercise class in my weekly routine, it just might start something good. Who knew that working out could be that much fun. Although, when I looked at Moon she had not one single drop of sweat on her ... anywhere. Dang her good genes. Me? Yeah. Um? I looked I'd been doused with my pink garden hose. DANG MY BAD GENES! ::sigh::

But, I kept up and didn't stop the entire time and I enjoyed it. I will be back. It lifted my spirits a bit too, and I think my Mom would love this sort of thing. She so wants to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. I think she'd like to dance with the Huff boy... he is quite yummy.

Have a good night. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I have a special to put up. (it's cerulean blue and onyx black)


1 comment:

Kristen said...

I hear that Zumba is a lot of fun and it really does kick your butt! I bet you got in a good workout! Good for you! :)