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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

...still here

So many emails. So kind. So wonderful. So thoughtful.

Thank you.

I am still here. We are doing okay. It was quiet getting ready this morning, no one to peer into the dishwasher to see what we had going on, she was such a fun nosey little thing. Even being in the bathroom has been sad. If anyone would go in, she'd follow and then jump until she grabbed the tissue paper so she could run through the house with it. Darling little thing.

Today has mixed feelings. I wonder if this little boy will do and be all that she was and will I love him the same? I don't know. We'll see. A part of me does not want to even do this again because the pain of not seeing her run through the house is great, but from all the emails from each of you, I know that it's something I should do. We miss her so.

I will keep you posted about seeing the boy. Michelle's puppies are all so adorable, I hope for the best. xoxo, L.


Amy Uy said...

Laurie, oh this is my favorite photo of little Bella. Brings tears to my eyes and I don't know how you are getting through the day, except for the fact that you have no choice. Funny how every day life imprints memories that you don't even realize until it hits you. Ah, the hearts memory, it's a wonderful, painful thing.
I just know that if you do get the little boy, you will see Bella in his eyes. There is a reason he is still there. Prayers are being said for all of you.


Elizabeth said...

Laurie, as you know, each pet has it's own special place in your heart. One pet does not replace another.

Like children, with each addition to your family your love grows and there is always enough for all.