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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday goodness.

Ahhh...the end of a great weekend. Boy, was it fun! I mean, there was a bit of work this weekend but all in all, it was super. The weather is lovely right now too, and that makes for such beautiful evenings, I love that.

I won't go into all the goings-on of last night but a few of my kids aren't feeling so great, and I hope that they feel better soon. They're headed off to my folks' house this weekend and um? I so don't want to mess that plan up because I am really looking forward to it!

For as long as my children have been born, she has always been unbelievably willing to take every single one of them... AT. THE. SAME. TIME. Do you know what that means? Okay, think about it... rewind five years. You've got a six year old, a four year old, a two and a half year old and a newborn. AT. THE. SAME. TIME. (I know, shocking!) She's done this since they've been born, but just imagine what it was like when she had all four at once? I can't imagine many Grandmother's doing that. Now, ordinarily I would give some credit to my Dad, but unfortunately (lol), in this case, I cannot. As my Mother has said time and again, "he's helpless." LOL It's so true! I, in all good conscious, cannot say that he's ever changed a light bulb. You'll have to ask my Mom. lol So, even though he would play with the kids while they're at his house, it was my Mom who was doing all the busy-work. ie: painting nails, coloring, doing hair, slip-n-sliding, bubbles, sand table, glue, play doh, paint (oil paints!), paint-by-number, water colors, chalk, markers, swimming pool, that humongous indoor pool place that I cannot remember the name of, countless movies (at the theater! AT. THE. SAME. TIME.), DVD's, dinners at real restaurants... we often refer to her as "The Entertainment Coordinator". It totally fits too. :) Mom, you're the best!

So, in short (or in long), my kids have as much fun as she does so I certainly don't want colds to interfere with this plan! However, Nathaniel won't be going since he's headed to Conservation Camp (!!!) and leaves on Monday (which is why we thought this would be the perfect time for Mom to take all the girls for some real "girl time"). Anyway, our plan is to meet up in Dry Ridge and do a hand-off. That will give us all day on Sunday to get Nathaniel ready for his big send-off on Monday. I'm so looking forward to it, not just for my own sake of getting some me-time, but for my kids. It's going to be AWESOME for them.........AT. THE. SAME. TIME!

Now, back to the day. So, I went to lunch with a friend and then to Jo-Beth Booksellers (no! not to get a book, you crazy people, you! I don't read! puleeze. what's wrong with you!). No, we went there to buy Vera Bradley stuff since they had a huge sale and then coupons to boot! The above is my loot. What fun! I snagged some awesome stuff in the Frankly Scarlet pattern and cannot wait to wear them, bein' totally sassy (that's a must).

Freebie: Right now Jack-Jack is attacking a Barbie. He's growling and totally givin' Barbie heck. I have to tell ya, it's hilarious to see him RUN through the house with this big (to him) Barbie lengthwise in his mouth. He's a punk, I tell ya, a punk.

Okay, so back to what I was saying...I snagged some great stuff. :) I plan on going back on Tuesday so if you want anything, ya better let me know! :)

On the way out of JB's, I stopped into another great store, cannot recall the name (sorry) and picked up a couple Life is Good T-shirts. Yeah. Yeah. I know what you're thinking. Didn't you just buy a couple new T's and don't you have enough of those T's? I suppose. But who asked you anyway, and why do you care? That's what I want to know! I love them! I love their message, I love how they feel and I love well, everything about them. Hey! They're not Hello Kitty or shudder the thought, Snoopy! (that's a joke. i wouldn't mind wearing either of those things but rarely can you find them in my size, they typically run very tiny and can only fit Asians who have builds of tweezers....this? this I am not.) OH!! (And don't get me started on Moon, who can go into a Gap store and find adorable things on the clearance rack, oh and did I mention the rack she's buying from is the CHILDREN'S rack!? Argh. Note to self: Avoid shopping in clothing stores with the Moonbeam, cuz uh, she's an Asian Tweezer and can fit into ANYTHING. And at really great prices too! Boo. Hiss.) I digress. So, I go with what works and that's Life is Good! I bought one for me and one for Jeff, in orange, not matchy-matchy, just matchy. :)

Jeff took the girls (because Nathaniel was with his BFF's, Sam and Grant) to the Renaissance Fair. It's about an hour's drive but the girls said they had fun despite everyone's stuffy noses. ::sigh:: Nathaniel was supposed to go, but Sam's Dad forgot his wallet as they went to pay so they had to turn around and go back! Ugh. They decided to just go to the indoor pool at our Rec Center instead. Argh. Poor guys. What a day they had! My neighbor's were busy filling their pool for some good after-school fun this week and preparing for a Summer filled with grassy and slippery entry ways, laundry basins filled with character beach towels, smells of sunscreen and lots of laughter. :) Summer is here! Finally. (soon I'll be wishing it was the first day of school, but for now... Life is Good)
Well, that's it for now. I'll catch up with you tomorrow!

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Kristen said...

Laurie, great post! I can relate to a lot of it! My parents are great at taking the kids too and they totally love all the attention. I have three and my sister has three, so in all there are six kids under the age of 6 with the exception of my daughter who is her little helper at age 10! It's a riot when they are all together, and I'm sure my mom is exhuasted when they all finally come home to us! But they do love every minute of taking them all at the same time! My Dad does help out too. Good thing, they are definitely outnumbered! :)

Great Vera finds, I'm a Java Blue girl myself. I even had someone create a Java Blue like mixture for glass beads that I have in my secret stash!

Jack-Jack running with a Barbie has got me laughing already this morning! Awesome! Punk dog! Love it! Have a great day!

Monkeybiztoo said...

Stumbled across your blog from looking at scrapbooking blogs. Your jewlery is beautiful, kids gorgeous and the new pup is precious! I am a big Vera Fan too!! enjoyed visiting your blog.