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Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Final Week of SCHOOL!

Hello!! Yippee!! How are you?? We're fine!! We're GREAT!! One day down, four to go! And Baby, we're outa here for two months!

Honestly, I'm sad in a way because my oldest child and only boy is headed off to middle school. I have no idea if he'll keep his long-hair-yummy-cute-shag doo, but if he does we're fine with that. He's mighty cute, our boy. I even went to an awesome party for a friend (Suzan turned FORTY! Awesome stuff!) and her friends even told me how cute he was... so yeah, it's not just ME here folks, he's truly totally adorable. :) I'll post pictures soon, because guess WHO is taking photos of my family in TWO weeks! Yup, the Moonbeam. I've decided that I'm going to call her that on my blog. I do think she lurves that name, albeit secretly, it's a fact. She's trying to hide her love for her new pet name, I think. lol But, anyway she's taking our family photos and I'm so totally excited about it. I bought a new pair of crop pant jeans from my fave place (Chico's) and all I need now is a new shirt to match that doesn't show any fat rolls. What!? Did you just agree that this was a good idea? Ewww, you so not nice! Well fine then, be that way. (lol) I digress (again). So the boy is headed off to middle school, the big scary building on the other side off town, the newness of a totally different place and different kids... I think he's gonna love it. Along with the new school, Nathaniel has decided that he'd like to shirk off his old, totally "unhip" name and go with a shorter, newer, more in style name of....drum roll.... "Nate". I agree that this change is probably a good idea so I'm going to support him in his decision. :)

Well, that's really all I have to say on this lovely day. I have work to do so I need to scat. I'll have a bunch of fun Summery things up this week. The waves are beginning to roll in.......better grab your surf board.

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