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Friday, July 10, 2009

The last day of the week! it really? The last day of the week? Why it sure is! I am looking forward to it because I have a lot to do today and most of it will be fun (for me anyway). I need to complete some custom orders and then work on beads. Yay! Some new glass came yesterday so I'm going to play with it. I cannot wait!!!

Last night we had our first cake decorating class. Um? It was a really good not too bad ridiculous idiotic horribly stupid poorly taught okay class. The teacher was unbelievably annoying too wordy not the best at explaining directions and talked far too much without telling you anything boring making me very frustrated probably doing the best he could do. He had a way of rambling WAY too much getting WAY off subject giving more information than necessary and I really think that it was bothering a lot of us who were in the class. I for one, had a really difficult time of using my filter. There was one point where I actually told him to "chop chop" (as in "hurry up"). One gal asked a question. He begins to answer this question but then gets so far off topic that ELEVEN minutes later she says again, "so what was the answer to my question?" and he has to remember what the question even was and how to answer it without getting off-topic AGAIN. Wow. It was sure frustrating, that's what it was. ::sigh:: He also kept doing a "trivial pursuit" type of thing where he'd say,

"Do anyone know how you can tell if a cake is finished baking?"

Class: "You put a toothpick in it."

Teacher. "Nope."

Class: "You poke it with a knife."

Teacher. "Wrong!"

Class: "You touch it with your fingers."

Teacher. "No again!"

Class: (Laurie) "Can't you just tell us?" "Chop chop, man!"

Teacher: (to Laurie) "You give up too easily!"

etc. etc. etc.

I was mildly annoyed by this point and by "mildly annoyed" I mean really annoyed. lol Then the whole thing where he says that if it were HIS recipe he'd use butter and cream cheese and not crisco. So another gal asks why we're using crisco instead of butter and cream cheese and he replies with, "because I'm required to by Wilton" (Michael's supply company for things to use in cake decorating etc). Well! That's nice to know! Here you're the teacher and you're not happy with the stuff we're using to make cakes? Then why even bring it up, you nut?

Laurie was not happy.

Our "formula" (remember, "real cooks" never use the word "recipe" but only use the word "formula" when cooking. whatever.) for next week will be long and I sure hope that I don't screw it up but knowing Laurie, she will. lol

Okay, I have to begin my day. I could really go on and on about last nights class, but all in all, it was average and I could have done a far better job in teaching it and I don't even know how to use a flute bag. So, what is that saying? lol

You all have a great day and if my day permits, I'll have some new things to put up! I'll keep you posted. It won't be right this second but will probably be later this evening. Jeff has a wedding tonight so it will just depend on my day... :)

Talk to you later!


CreekHiker said...

Some people clearly aren't meant to teach! Buy the instruction books and the sheets that fit under clear plastic practice boards and you'll be able to do more than this guy could ever teach you!

Silver Parrot said...

Some people should stick to "doing" and not "teaching." Reminds me of a beading class I was in where the teacher was explaining the Nymo was the best thread to use because it doesn't stretch and requires no preparation before use. Ummmm...NOT! I practically had an aneurysm trying to decide whether to say something or not. I finally did because I couldn't stand it any more. Turns out that beading store only sold Nymo and was out of beeswax so she'd just decided to skip over that li'l step. I was NOT very popular with her after I opened my mouth.

Laurie said...

lol!! i hear that. yeah. he was giving me the evil-eye and i know that my friends probably thought i was NUTS to even open my mouth. LOL oh well. i just had my filter dialed down really low that day. LOL