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Saturday, July 11, 2009

This and That (again again).

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let those of you who had pending Custom Orders, that they're all completed and will be ready to ship both today and Monday. There were a LOT of you and thankfully you were patient with me, remembering that I'm still the one-girl-band and that this is Summer (and ALL of my children are here!). Typically they know that when I'm working, I'm WORKING, so they don't bother me too too much, but I still get questions about who can spend the night, where they can go and how much money I can give them (lol), and if I want to come down from my work room and eat dinner with the family. (Seriously! I get asked this most, I think. I'm usually up there through dinner but they like having me come down and eat with them, I think that's a sign that they might like me. :) hee hee)

The "little girls" (as we call them) came back home this morning from a two-day stint at Gracey and Katey's house, having loads of fun and heading to Camp Burnamwood (our church camp). Gracey's Dad, Pete, is the Administrator for the camp so he gets really cool access (it's always good to be close friends with folks like that, no? lol!). The girls will be heading to camp in a couple weeks, they loved it last year! (Nat didn't like the food -- lol -- so she won't be going this year, maybe next year she'll give it another try, not sure tho) So I'm glad they had a great time, as they always do when they're with the Jones' family. :)

We're counting down the days to HP6. Omg! We cannot wait. Today, Jeff is going to run into town and get our tickets and HOPE that they're not sold out. ::sigh:: If they are, we'll just wait until Wednesday but we really want to see the first showing. We've been doing that since the HP movies began so we certainly don't want to break a tradition!

Last night, I watched the first episode of True Blood on DVD. This is the television adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse book series that I love so much. Um? Let's just say that it's a tad different than the books...and um, I do mean a tad. lol They're definitely engaging and I think I'll love getting to know the characters in this way, but I was a bit shocked at the realism... so that was cool stuff.

Sorry about having no waves this week, I really needed to focus on Custom Work and get those finished. I also need to finish up a Gallery for the Sincerely Yours site so that will be on this weeks' plate. ::sigh:: I really forget how difficult it is to put in the hours I normally do (like during the school year) during the Summer. I've only been working forty or so a week and I know that sounds like a lot, but normally I work more than thank you for being patient (again!).

I have some new beads to show you... new glass... I'm in love with this new glass. :) It's loverly.

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