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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Blahs

Hello hello!

So what does this fine Monday bring to you today? Not much? Yeah. Me neither. I have a lot on my plate for today but I'm just taking it one box at a time. lol

Our weekend was quiet and I have to admit, it was loverly. I don't remember a lot of what we did but that's fine with me because not every weekend needs to be filled with chaos, right? :) Yesterday I spent my entire evening finishing up the Sookie Stackhouse HBO series and I must say that it's a tad racy folks. Yikes almighty! The books weren't exactly like the episodes but I adore how the characters are in the show, very much like the books actually. Sookie is excellent.

And while I wasn't paying attention to the world around me but concentrating on my computer screen, my Jack-Jack chewed up my favorite Skull Candy ear buds. ::sigh:: So today Hubby is going into town to grab me a new pair. This time I will not leave them dangling where he can pull them off my bedside table and destroy them. I can't imagine them tasting very good! So what's up with that, Jack-Jack!!!? Grrr. Oh, and did I mention I finished the series at 3 in the morning? I know. That's just sick. I can hear you saying it! But it takes true (blood) dedication to watch a series that many hours in a row and this ol' gal (meaning me) has True (Blood) Dedication! :) I don't know why I like my vampy books, something I never thought I'd EVER enjoy but I've shocked myself with my ability to open my mind to the unknown around me. (lol!! please know this is a joke. can't you sense the sarcasm here, folks? geez.)

Alrighty, what else? The kids are headed to see that Hannah Montana movie for .50 cents today and while in town they'll be picking up HP6 movie tickets for tomorrow's 12:20 (in the morning) show. lol I cannot wait!!!!! Natalie and Nathaniel are so excited!!! They're gonna have to take a nap! (me too)

Well, that's it. I'm reallllly trying to catch up on all these orders and get them out of my house and on their way to YOU! Please forgive me for the delays. I really forget how much time I don't have to work when the kids are home during the Summer. ::sigh:: I was glad of my break yesterday though.

A new wave IS coming. You'll just have to put your sunglasses on, sit by the beach and see if you can see her riding in to shore.

1 comment:

Silver Parrot said...

A headache. So far, this Monday has brought me a headache LOL!. And it's SOOO hot here, too. I agree with you about the "True Blood" series. I really enjoy the books and the show is well done but WAY over the top on the "racy bits." I Tivo the show and then fast forward through the parts that are too much for me. I'm not a prude, but I'm more of a "leave something to the imagination" kinda gal. And this show does NOT do that LOL!