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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Wishes Custom from byLGD

The above photo was sent to me by a customer, asking to use this as my "inspiration" for a
custom piece I was designing for her. Honestly, at first, although I loved the photo, I didn't know what I was going to do! It scared me, because usually the "outcome" of a custom piece comes quickly to me and there's really no difficulty in it. However, not this time. It was a real challenge but what a fun challenge it was!

After staring at this photo constantly, thoughts and ideas swirling,
I finally had it "worked out" in my mind.
Below is the result.

I didn't want it to be "flowery" because that didn't really seem to be the "theme" of the photo. To me, it seemed to be the ease of life, the beauty that's held in the simple things. The colorful flowers stretching themselves to the Sun. The hand-formed clay pots with their patina shining through. People strolling through a park, buying up bunches of flowers. A bike ride. Easy things. Simple things. The best of things.
I do not know where the inspiration photo was taken but there was a movie a few years back that also reminded me of it, Return to Me. There's a scene at the end where they're in Italy and it just made me think of this photo, not sure why.

You can see a clip of what I'm referring to below.

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