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Thursday, July 9, 2009

More this and that.

Good Afternoon!

My day started rather early with two small puppies telling me they needed to go outside, but they don't have a clock to let them know that 6:30 in the morning is just too early. lol Oh well. Thankfully I have a laptop and carried it along with us, I checked mail while they were running around the yard chewing on each other. Good times.

Just before lunchtime my friend Suzan popped over with treats. Let me tell you that these weren't just any ol' treats either! They were yummy, (warm!!) banana nut chocolate chip muffins. I gobbled one right up. (yes yes. i know you can imagine me scarfing up a muffin, but let's be kind, shall we? it's not very becoming to think such things about me being a messy eater and licking my fingers and what-not) That's when Suzan lowered the boom (well, it wasn't really a boom necessarily, I mean I didn't hear a thundering crash or lightening striking close by, I'm speaking metaphorically here people. catch up. won't you?). Suzan tells me that these delicious beauties (wait. she didn't actually call them that. that's my pet name for them.)... anyway, these delicious beauties were made with whole-wheat flour (gasp), splenda (no, seriously!), soy butter (i know! shocking!) and...wait for it...EGG SUBSTITUTE!!! (picking self off floor out of sheer and utter amazement at these new facts being thrown at me)

All the while, I'm still eating (um. another muffin) and lurving every bite.

She brought six to our house. Jeff had one. And I don't know where the other five went. (why are you looking at me like that? you're assuming that I am the one who ate the other five? well, as a matter of fact, there's ONE left so there! gotcha! and here you thought i'd gone and eaten all five in one day... sheesh. rude.) Jeff couldn't even tell that there was even a hint of splenda in those puppies. OMG. I am so gonna put the recipe up here! They were moist and flavorful and totally yumma-licious.

So. Yeah. That was my semi-morning with Suzan. We had a nice chat about her perfectly-good-not-going-to-add-more-fat-to-your-rump muffins and about our cake decorating class tonight (!!!). Moon's out of town so she will miss our first one (wha!! I will miss you my little Moonbeam!) but she'll catch up. She's smart like that. :) So, that's around 5:30 or so and I'm totally excited cuz Laurie never gets to do much fun stuff with her peeps and it was all Suzan-the-baker's idea so thank her for this four-week episode of fun!!! Yay! ::claps all around::

Alright my dearies, (ooo. that makes me sound old, no? whatever.), I'm off to the torch and to finish up the last bit of Dragonfly in Amber. ::sigh:: Jamie and Claire, ahhh, they're in the middle of a heap-o-trouble and I hope it all works out in the end! I'll keep you posted! I hope I can figure out the cracking solution with the beads. My hothead never split beads like that and although it's not my brand-of-torch that I love, it does make some loverly beads with silver. Just sayin' for all you die-hard minor burner and CC fans out there (that's lampwork code for Nortel Minor Burner and Carlisle Mini CC--two torches most lampers use, keep up, won't you!? :).

In other news that's completely unrelated to any of my other silliness... I love my Scentsy candles!! :) I hope you do too!!

Have a darling day! I'll catch up with ya laters.

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