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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Twisted Sifter was AWESOME!

Isn't it the nicest thing when your sweet friend, who just happens to be a professional photographer, brings her camera (!!!) to your child's birthday party? Yeah. I know. That's just the best. Totally. Moon took this of Deanie today and I love it. :) It's so her. Notice her tattoo of the American Flag (left over from a fourth-of-July event, mind you). lol I wonder if it will ever wash off?

The day was fantastic and if you want to see the photos, go HERE. :) I took all of them (except the first and the last one... lol) and I'm sorry for the blur. I don't know what was going on with my hands, probably too much movement? Um. Yeah. lol

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! She had a great day and everyone else did too! If you ever want to do a really awesome party for girls or even gals, definitely check out The Twisted Sifter, Pam Birt (owner) was absolutely fantastic!!!

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