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Monday, August 31, 2009

Good things to come!

Wow. What a weekend. We did a lot of running around but it was a lot of fun. We took Jeff out for his birthday on Saturday and then we came back and his mother arrived just in time for girl-movie-night since Nathaniel spent the night with his friends Grant and Sam (the boys he went to Missouri with this Summer...member?). He was gone so we took advantage and watched the Hannah Montana movie; it was a great movie!

After church on Sunday we went to iChing, the Asian-with-Attitude restaurant. It's great food and I'm sorry but you can't eat there since it's not a chain place. lol :) Then we ran around town and did some other stuff, bought some shoes, grabbed some stuff at Kohl's and then went home. Not a huge weekend but we weren't home AT ALL and it was fun!
Today Nathaniel and Natalie started swim team, Nat will actually begin tomorrow. They have to be there several days a week so I guess I'll be picking them up every day from now on. I don't mind but it will make my work-schedule a bit crazy. No biggie. I'll work it out.

I think they'll really enjoy it.
In just a couple months (NOVEMBER 21st!!!!!) we'll be heading to the movie theater to see NEW MOON. ::sigh:: I cannot wait!!!!!!! Other than Harry Potter movie coming out, this is the highlight of my year! lol (I don't get out much. Shut up.) All my girlfriends are so excited about the new Twilight Saga movie, that we talk about it almost every time we get together. I need a tshirt for it too, soon soon. Who knew that this Children's Literature four-book series would take the world by storm? I sure didn't! And I know that the picture is for Eclipse, but it's just making me all the more excited because this movie comes out NEXT YEAR!!! Good things to come!!!!
AND!!! another great thing to happen on SEPTEMBER 25th... Diana Gabaldon is coming to our bookstore for book signings. :) I'll be there for sure! (She's the author of the glorious Outlander series with Jamie and Claire) It's gonna be a great Fall and Winter!

Okay, I have to work. I'll be back tomorrow. :)


Kirsten N said...

Can't wait for New Moon or Eclipse either and I hope Diana Gabaldon will come to visit us in Australia too :)

Liberty :) said...

Team Edward or Team Jacob though???

I'm Team Edward the books but Team Jacob in the films! Taylor Lautner is just so delightful to look at!