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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

My husband of fifteen years turned forty-one today. He doesn't look it but I have to say that he has aged beautifully. The few gray hairs that he has when he grows facial hair, the several that are on the sides of his head (and when I say "several" I do mean "SEVERAL". like three. seriously. three. it's so not fair since yours truly is covered in them.)

It has been a great week, this week where he turns forty-one, leaving that middle-aged number "forty" behind him forever. He has good news to still share (Monday!) and it has made our new path a little more straight and a little less bumpy. Forty-one is a good number.

I remember when I met Jeff for the first time. He was a youth pastor and I was a camp counselor at our Bible Camp. I was young and silly and stupid. He was funny and nice and cute. I never knew then that he would be the one. I'm a pretty lucky gal I tell ya, to have this man all to myself. He's super hilarious, makes almost every day a wet-your-pants and spit-coke-from-your-nose kind of a day, yet he is so romantic. Who knew he loved candles so much? :) He's the best and I hope he has a great day.

We don't get to go out tonight as he has a wedding to perform (he does weddings, did you know?), but we will probably go out tomorrow night. Today however, we'll run around town and buy the girls some new tennis shoes, let Nicole spend some of her birthday money (because she ended up NOT liking the gift we bought her ::sigh:: that SHE picked out and said she HAD to get! ::again sigh::). We are going to watch Harry Potter Two (Chamber of Secrets) because Natalie has never seen it. Gasp! We rented that new Hannah Montana movie and will probably watch that while Jeff is at his wedding. I will make cupcakes that are not as good as my Mother's for his birthday. We'll enjoy our day and hope that it doesn't rain. It's a good day.

Honey, you're my favorite person ever and I adore you madly.

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