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Friday, August 28, 2009

oh, this and that...

What a weekend we have ahead. I hope it will be fun. :)
Natalie wants to have a friend spend the night, Nathaniel's
been invited to a birthday/sleepover and Nicole wants to go to the Art Box and paint a cup and a plate. So, it's going to be busy. One thing I'm going to do this weekend; I will make cupcakes. The girls have been asking me. :)

So, remember yesterday's post about Nadine going over to Jeanne's house and wanting a tour of the inside? lol Well, I found out last night that Nadine and her tiny sidekick, Ellie (who is four), went to our other neighbor's house and asked the same thing. However, they walked out with two baby dolls! lol The kind Mrs. H. gave each of them one of her baby dolls. They were thrilled! They also got to take some "elephant ears" from her garden in the back. :) lol Now, for those of you who are wondering what kind of parent(s) allows their children to run around, knocking on doors and going inside without supervision, well let me put your minds to rest. While this was going on, I was vac'ing my car and sweeping my porch, moving things around in the garage and both of these neighbors are dear friends. Not to mention our street is SO small, that if they're talking on their porch, we can hear them on ours. Yeah. It's that small. My parents are always saying that we should never move. :) We probably never will despite my desire to have a new home (oh well), but our street and its neighbors are so kind, that we know this is a wonderful place to live out our life.

Speaking of neighbors...last night I get an email from Ms.Em (our street's budding photographer), asking for a stick of butter. Um? It was 9:30 at night. lol Crazy girl. She was baking at 9:30p. lol I don't know what she was making but it better not have been cupcakes cuz she didn't offer me any! lol Cracks me up!

I will eventually post Time Traveler but it won't be today. My tags still are not here and they should have arrived on Wednesday. I saw some packages on my porch, got overly excited and then realized that they were not my tags. ::sigh:: See? our mail is horrible. My tracking said that they would arrive on WEDNESDAY. Argh. I'll post it as soon as my tags arrive. :)

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

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