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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I promise I do not plan these things.

Today was a blur. My morning was spent running errands, which was fun, don't get me wrong and I also had to buy bubble wrap and bubble mailers. Lots of my things are shipped First Class Mail and I was running out of mailers.

After that I came back and worked on bracelets and beads.

After that I went to pick up the girls from school.

After that I came back home and helped with homework, did two loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen.

After that I got ready for church.

After that I came back home and let the dogs out and am now getting ready to do some more work. :)

I just didn't find the time to photograph the earrings. I'm sorry. I promise I do not plan these things. They'll be up tomorrow! :) They're purple, by the way.


But it won't be until late. In the morning I have an appointment, I'll be back around noon, then I have a Girl Scouts meeting until 4p and then I need to dash over to swim practice. Ugh. I'm stressing. I think I'll have to work all weekend. Wish me luck!

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