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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home sick. Thirty days to go.

Nathaniel is home sick today. He had a headache last night around dinner time and his stomach hurt this morning, however he is now eating breakfast so I don't know how sick he is. lol I'm one of those moms who, if my kid says he or she doesn't feel great and they want to stay home, I let them. There are so many years of "really important" school days ahead of them, that these younger elementary and middle-school years aren't anything to get myself all worried about. Plus, they are all excellent in school and are usually SO excited to get out the door, so when they say they want to stay home, they probably don't feel so great.

Once, I sent Nicole to school when she said she wanted to stay home. The school called me less than an hour into the day, saying she'd thrown up in the classroom and could I come get her? So, now I just let them stay home. We have kids at our school who never miss a day and get awards for doing so, but when asked if they ever came to school sick they replied, "oh yeah, loads of times!" ::sigh:: That doesn't make me all too happy since all they're doing is spreading germs and in this age of h1n1-piggy-swine-flu-epidemic, I just think spreading germs isn't a great thing.
Okay. I'll step off my soap box now.

My vacation starts in roughly thirty days. I can't tell you how excited I am. Heading to South Carolina with two of my closest friends and their families, all of us spending the week at the beach? Walking along the beach with my hubby and watching my kids make stuff with all the sand? "Listening" to a good book in a canvas beach chair and listening to the waves crash against the ocean floor? Can it get better than that? :) I think not. The kids talk about it everyday, asking when are we leaving? Are you sure we're going? :) Yup. It's done. It's a done deal. I think I better start packing! Thirty days will be here before I know it! lol

Well, I better get going. I have to clean beads and then get custom orders made. Today a lot of packages will ship out. Thank you for all the lovely emails about how you received your items and you adore them. I'm so glad. Great things are always worth waiting for. Okay, I will talk to you later. I'm going to have a couple pairs of earrings tonight. The beads are already made I just need to photograph them. Check back around 7:30p. :)

Enjoy your day!

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