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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wanted: A Pretty Bra {that's pink}

I was chatting with Moon this morning via instant message box and I made this comment.

I had to do something really frightening yesterday.

Shop. for. bras.

I searched through racks and racks and racks of colorful, whimsical and elegantly patterned bras and none of them in my size. They were all in the B and C size, and apparently the department stores don't know that there ARE women who have had implants and they are not always a C in size. (I am not one of these women, mind you; someone who has had implants but they could still be kind to we of larger-than-average cup size and make a bra that's pretty and cute. It's as if they're punishing us for being over-achievers! Sheesh.)

Into the dressing room I went with at least twenty bras. A half-hour later I came out with two bras. I tried to find a pretty pink one, no such luck. There's probably tons of them online but then what if you order them, they arrive and you find that the sides poke out or the back has too many latches or the straps are so skinny that they're cutting into your skin? See? I worry about all of these bra-issues. ::sigh::

Has anyone else had this problem? Shopping for bras? I don't know about you but they don't have cute patterns for we girls with larger "girls". What's with that anyway? ::sigh:: I did however, manage to find two that were suitable. I bought one in the size I am in right now and one in a smaller size. lol No seriously. I did. I've never done that before but these bras were expensive and heck if I'm going to be out of the bigger size and have nothing to wear and then have to RETURN to the frightening experience of buying yet MORE bras. No. Not gonna do it.

So, I am now with two bras. Or, really just one bra. lol

My hope is that in the next six weeks I'll shed fifteen pounds. This? This is doable, especially for me since I find it easy to lose the first twenty pounds. lol It's the twenty-plus pounds that I have issue with, and then they tend to jump right back on my bones. I don't get it. I just don't.

Okay, enough yapping. I have to get a move on it. I've been coding pages most of my morning and now I really need to get going. Have a great day!


Liberty :) said...

Yes I have problems with both! Bra shopping and losing weight! Although I have put nearly 21lb on in a year and nothing fits. Hence I had to go bra shopping which I agree is an horrendous experience if you don't want to wear something your gran would wear or if you are not of the B/C cup variety. I.Feel.Your.Pain.

Good luck with the weight loss. My diet and exercise starts on the 16th Sept, although the rate I'm currently going I'll weigh35lb more!

Di said...

Ah, the plight of women everywhere. (just be thankful you have a matched set. I have 2 diff. cup sizes) Go to a specialty shop, try on TONS find one you love and take down the style number. Then go online. That way you have already tired it on, you know you love it, and will not have to worry about the fit etc. I have friends how swear by this... Good luck, on both, finding a pretty pink one and dropping the LBS to fit the smaller one :)

Pretty Things said...

I hate it. I end up wearing a sports bra most of the time.

Leslie Anne said...

Ya know, I did the same dad-blamed thing this afternoon - had to buy a bra. At Walmart. My least favorite (next to trying to buy a plus-size pair of jeans)thing to do, at my least favorite place to shop. The style I'd been wearing for years had been replaced & the new ones they have out instead didn't fit right. Bah humbug! Found that out back in February. Also, it's so blessed hot in Walmart (as well as humid, here in the Houston area) that I refuse to try clothes on there. I'll buy them, take them home, try them on & return what doesn't fit. Well, I found a RED Playtex one in (hopefully) my size (remember, this is still back in February) and one by my "former favorite", Vassarette, but it was wireless and I'm used to the underwire ones. Long story short, kept them both, & only wear the red one (that did fit) when I'm wearing something red or black or dark underneath and rarely wear the wireless one because it didn't feel/look right without the underwire. Just never got around to returning it. Well, the "old" Vassarette finally gave up the ghost & I had to go out today & buy something! Found another Playtex, similar to my red one and I'm afraid to try it on now that I've got it home. If it doesn't fit, then I have to go BACK. (cringe)

'Kay, with that horror having been addressed, let's get to the meat of the matter. Why do they think full-figured girls (heehee - girls - get it?) have no taste? Do they think we don't like pretty undies too? I see some absolutely adorable, beautiful, lacey colors & prints out there in BRAland, but do they have them in my size? And speaking of size, it's not like I'm terribly humongous, I don't think a 44D is overly ginormous! I muttered under my breath right there in Walmart's bra section that every other woman in town must wear the same size bra (and I might as well include plus-size jeans here, too) because no matter what time of year, or what size I am at that time, they RARELY, if ever have MY size in stock! What's UP with that?

So you know what I do? I sit around in my pajamas as often as possible so as to not wear out the one bra at a time that I can find to fit me, no matter how ugly it is.