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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My List. Dancing with the Stars. Patrick Swayze.

You've heard it before.

My list.

Yeah. Don't we all have a list? I know you do, but you might not talk about it, maybe you just dream about it (like me). And there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing. There are lots of things on my list that might never happen. I may never get to Italy. We might never take that trip to New York to see Broadway plays. We may never open a restaurant where Jeff can do the food and I can bake cupcakes. It might not happen that I live on the beach somewhere. I probably won't be able to redo my kitchen, or bathroom, or family room ... or or or. But, sometimes, just sometimes there are things on my list that do come true and that's where you have to find the joy... in the little things (even if the little things aren't really all that little).

One of the things on my list for many years has been to take a vacation with my family. We didn't need to go anywhere crazy-special like a Greek Isle cruise or a trip around the world. lol Nah, we don't need all that (although maybe I should add it to my list? lol). In a couple weeks my little family will be heading off to South Carolina for some fun in the Sun. We're so excited! So, the question is? Do I keep this one on my list or cross it off and if it happens again then GREAT! (yeah I guess I'll keep it on my list) Life is good.

I've been watching Dancing With The Stars because my Mother got me hooked on it. :) It's awesome. Tonight they had the cast of The Lion King (on Broadway) on the show. How amazing it was to watch, gave me goosebumps. Really. Did it you?

Who couldn't love Melissa and Mark (I was a big fan of Teenage Witch--duh!) but I think my favorite of the night was Kelly Osborn. I adored Kelly. What a beauty. A little like Drew Barrymore with that teenage angst thing going on and after a few years of having a more "adult-like" brain, they end up being stand-up gals. Awesome. I thought Kelly did a superb job and I think she's my favorite (and Melissa Joan Hart--you gotta have two!). Don't get me started on Macy Gray. Yikes. I was glad to see her go. She just didn't seem to care about the dance, at least that's how it appeared to me. She seemed to just muddle her way through with her arms flying about, not knowing where they should land. Yuck. lol I didn't care for it. So, she needs to stick to singing.

And who couldn't have grabbed a tissue when they did the tribute series to Patrick Swayze. How wonderful was that?! I loved it. Natalie asked why I was crying. ::sigh:: And I said that the man who did that dance passed away last week. She wanted to know why that was so important. I tried to explain it. I just told her that he was a big part of my youth, having seen Dirty Dancing, Point Break and Roadhouse countless times since my teen years. Who couldn't love Patrick Swayze? She didn't see why that was so special I guess. She turns to me and says, "you're going to miss him?" No, it wasn't so much that necessarily, I guess it was just the thought of time passing and my list and wanting to cross things off my list with the time I have left. Does that make sense, I ask her? "I guess so. You're not that old Mom." And in that moment I realized that my first-born daughter is growing up into a wise ol' gal.

One of the things on my list was to get married and have a family of my own. I'm so glad I can cross those off my list.

What's on your list?

1 comment:

JoeyandChase said...

Hi Laurie,

I totally get where you are coming from. Sometimes I wonder how I got here ALREADY! I have a husband, kids, puppies and it just amazes me that I am "here" already - where did the time go?!

When you hear about someone passing, it puts things into perspective for you. That is the amazing thing about death and births. You are able to empathize with what people are going through b/c it is something that every single one of us has or will experience at one point or another.

A guy in my husband's squadron just lost his wife to cancer this week - she was 36 and they have 2 small children. I was devastated. I didn't know them at all, but I can just put myself in that place and imagine what he must be going through.

I hear you about Patrick Swayze. It's not him, per se, because we didn't know him, but it just brings up all this emotion of things that were and things that will be.

Keep that list going ... it helps to keep you going!