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Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween List

Jeff is on a mission trip with our church, he'll be back late tomorrow night. :) He's helping to build homes in Hazard County, Kentucky. It's a rough area up there, kids with no shoes, that sort of thing. So sad. I hope he has a good time, despite the surroundings.

I'm holding the fort down here. I'll be working tonight rather than the day. Too many things on my plate and I need daylight hours to get them done. lol On my list...

  • red feather boas, six

  • purple stripey tights

  • yellow rain boots

  • a yellow rain slicker, if possible, not completely necessary

  • a bright blue wig, can be made from yarn possibly

  • a dorothy costume, but might sew it myself (i bought the pattern)

  • look for dorothy fabric

  • thank bonnie for letting us borrow dorothy glittery red shoes

  • bobbly eyed things to make a monster contraption with ?

  • black spray paint

  • silly putty to make scars on face

  • black sweatshirt

  • red and/or green tights

  • hand sanitizer

  • painters tape

  • clorox wipes

  • 9 volt batteries

The last four items are for Nathaniel's class at school. Why is it that I need to supply them with batteries? ::sigh:: Dollar Store here I come. Please have 9 volt batteries. lol

You all have a great day! Oh, and have you ever seen THIS? It's on my list too. I love this idea! I think I'll stop by Goodwill and look for cups and saucers. They always have TONS of them and they're usually matching, so why not? I thought this would be a fun thing to do for my birthday. :)

Talk atcha later!

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