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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A review of my week {in pictures}

Aside from working on orders from the sale, a lot happened in my world. It was busy! :)

We had Family Fun Night at our school and the girls got to paint their faces, Nicole sang in a choir (spooky songs!), they danced in the gym and had a wonderful time eating cookies they decorated themselves along with carving pumpkins and counting their seeds. Our neighbor decorated her pumpkin as "Fancy Nancy" and I thought it was really cute so I snapped a photo.

Jeff performed a wedding for a couple and the bride wore rain boots so she wouldn't get soaked in the puddles. Their reception was on a train ride and the food was wonderful. I had a great time.

We had a Girl Scout Troop meeting and the girls (all 22 of them) made cards for a fellow scout who's in need of some cheering up. We took a nature walk and a snake slithered over my flip flop and a spider crawled up my arm. I doubt there are any more nature walks in my near future. The girls had fun.

I stopped by Boyd Orchard's with my Mom earlier this month and again with my MIL this weekend to pick up some fresh apples, my favorite at the moment is Cameo. Crunchy and tart!

The Mums that my Mom planted are blooming nicely and brighten up my home. I made a door hanger (with a lot of stuff I bought from Michaels for about 20 bucks). I love Fall.

Claire let me take her photo. This will show you how big she's gotten! All 5.5 pounds of her. :) Jack wasn't in the mood for a photo so you'll have to catch him another time. lol

I hope you had a nice week. I'm looking forward to this week. Halloween this Saturday! The kids have decided on what they want to be. Natalie is going to be a monster with a red body and lots of things coming out of her head. Nicole is going to be Coraline, blue hair and all. Nadine decided that since she likes wearing her hair in braids, that she should be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz so now I'm on the hunt for sparkly red shoes. ::sigh:: Wish me luck on all these costumes! I already bought the pattern for Nadine's dress but tomorrow after Swim team, I'll be buying the "ingredients" to actually make it. :)

Tonight I'm torching beads and finishing up what I need to make for the orders I have to do. Hopefully I'll have a few new things up for you by Wednesday. :) Talk to you soon and have a nice evening and beautiful tomorrow.

1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

That VEIL! Utterly spot on! I'm a total sucker now for "Say Yes to the Dress" and have been TIVO'ing back episodes like mad. Dearly LOVE that veil.