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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love Fall.

I love this place. I need to ask Moon if this would be a good spot for Family photos.
It's just down the road from here.

I just got finished letting the dogs run around the yard. They have sweaters on now, because they're so small and they shiver. lol It's kinda funny. So now they're both in cream and red sweaters. I'll take a photo so you can see, cuz they are too cute. I guess I'll need to buy some more. Jack's is smaller (he is about 2 pounds lighter than Claire, she's 5.5 pounds) and his sweater is an X-Small. He's just tiny. Claire is meaty or meatier? Is that a word? lol Anyway, they're too cute. Pictures to come. Currently they're playing tag in the house. I'm getting ready to leave so they need this time to run themselves till they're tired. Okay, now they're on my bed... energy-drained. lol

My silver order arrived this morning. :) Yay! That means I can put clasps on all the bracelets and ear wires on earrings. The day is SO pretty, I love it! I am so glad that Fall is here... it's such a beautiful time of year.

I'm headed out to lunch and then will be back for the day to work. I began Drums of Autumn yesterday and it's fabulous! I'm 3 hours in. Anyone else on this book yet? I also downloaded Echo in the Bone... so I have the complete set and I'm thinking I'll just read this until the end of the year. :)

You all have a great day! Oh, I have a special coming later. It has a lampwork heart focal. :)

1 comment:

Liberty :) said...

Please please please tell me which make your doggies are! I have asked lots of times and not yet found an answer! They are extremely cute and are they fully grown? That is a perfect size doggy for me!! Cute that they have coats too :) Hope you had a great holiday! X