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Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend News

Hello and happy Friday to you! Can you believe an entire week has passed? It's crazy I tell you, just crazy. So many of my friends are mentioning how little time we have before Christmas. Stop! Stop telling me, it's giving me hives. lol

I'm enjoying the Fall weather right now too much to worry about winter storms and snow piles in my front yard. I love driving down our small neighborhood to see all the colorful changes taking place on the trees that line our street. Emily took this photo of Nadine playing in the leaf piles of Mrs. Hellard's yard. Mrs. H. never minds when all the kids get together and romp in the leaves. She is always gracious to them and even gives them "elephant ears" from her garden (large green leaves the size of elephant's ears). My kids love them and think Mrs. H. is awesome. :) I posted this photo on my facebook wall and someone mentioned that it should be sent in for some sort of contest. I agree. It's my favorite.

Okay, so my week was spent catching up on laundry, working on orders, making beads (love!), going to the Family Fun Night at the kid's school (face painting, cookie decorating, that sort of thing), and tonight I'm headed on a train with Jeff. No really, I am! He has a wedding to perform and the reception is on a train, the bride asked if I would come along and of course I said yes! So, tonight I'll be on a train going somewhere I do not know, and enjoying every minute since I have never been on a train. I secretly wish that this was platform 9 3/4 quarters heading to Hogwarts, but alas... only in my dreams. I would love to shake hands with Professor Dumbledore and hug Hermione and have Hagrid pick me up and swing me about. :) That's okay, I'll settle for Bardstown, Kentucky.

I'm sorry I didn't get the specials up like I'd planned. I really wanted to finish the orders I've got going and get those out. Most likely, all the orders will ship by Wednesday, if not before. I'm still waiting on my crystal order but other than that, it's all finished. My overseas orders will ship on Saturday. I'll try and get the special up on Sunday. I'd say it would be tomorrow but with the Girl Scouts event at Boyd Orchard's, I doubt I'll manage all that. Who knows? Either way I'll send a private email to you. :)

You all have a great weekend and I hope it's sunny wherever you are. I've missed blogging and by Monday I should be back to my normal blogging-self. :) Hugs to you!

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