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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

While we were away...

While we were away on vacation last week my Mom came and stayed at our house to watch our animals (three crazy dogs and one very lazy cat). My puppies are getting potty-trained and are doing much better than they were, but it's still a struggle, and it drives me NUTS. Ugh. Jack-Jack is in his crate more than Claire because his favorite thing is to pee outside and then come right in the house and pee on the floor. *anger* So, right now he's upset with me since he's in his crate alone and Claire isn't. Well dude, if you'd get the hang of it and stop marking stuff, you'd be more free too! But no! I'm wondering if getting him "fixed" will help? Any ideas? It's on the list of things to do next month. ::sigh::

Anyway, while we were gone my Mom painted the kid's rooms and they look great! I love the colors and I'll post photos soon. And by "soon" I mean like next Spring or some time like that. lol I need to finish their window treatments and get some new shelving so the rooms aren't quite done. My Mom even removed the girl's border that I put up with Super Glue and rubber cement, not a trace of that border anywhere! I couldn't believe it. Who knows how much elbow grease it took to remove the entire thing. lol

The girl's room is a really lovely aqua blue-ish color and Nathaniel's room is a slate-blue. I didn't realize how much blue we have upstairs. :) Our kid's bathroom is blue too (more of a robin egg blue) but they all look nice together.

She also scrubbed my carpets with one of those things you rent from the store, not sure what they're called (carpet scrubbers?) but she did the upstairs and our play room area too. Another task I didn't want to do. lol

Along with washing all the comforters in the house (and some left in the garage), she probably did a lot of other things she didn't tell me about but I was glad to come home to a really clean house! :) Oh!! She even planted pink-maroon mums!!! :) They're beautiful!

She even had to contend with Sallie, who ended up with an ear infection and had to be taken to the vet's for a shot and lots of meds. ::sigh:: Sallie, who has NEVER been sick a day in her four years of life, gets sick while we're away. Ugh! She was miserable. I'm glad my Mom was able to get her in my car. (Sallie is doing great now, btw.)

So thank you Mom for all the work! I appreciate it.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Wow, how nice of your mom to do all of that! She's my hero! She sounds just like my mom. Always willing to go above and beyond! Enjoy the new paint and such, and I think your mom deserves a special treat! :)