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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tired. Scrooge. New Moon. Pop Ups!

Hello! Aren't you glad it's Friday?! Jeff said to me this morning just before we pulled ourselves from our warm waterbed, "wow. I'm running out of steam." I sure know what he's talking about too, because he's been up early every morning and going to bed fairly late (midnight or 1a), then to turn around and be at work at 8:30a. Thankfully his day is rather short, but with all the other things going on in our lives, it's just making us cranky and tired. So, I'm hoping that this weekend we can do some fun things amid all the chores, my work load, and other activities so we can have some time to ourselves. I'd like to get our tree up. Wish me luck on this. :) I have a great deal of work to complete before I can think about it, but Jeff said he'd do the major work and I could do the rest. (that means, he'll assemble the tree and then he'll watch the kids and me affix ornaments onto it, lol)

I have my radio set to Christmas music already. Is it too early? I don't think so. This season is so short, that I want to savor each minute of it. Moon was with me the other day and she said she's not ready for it yet. lol I told her she's a Scrooge and she replied with Bah Humbug. :) lol Funny girl.

Tonight I'm going with Moon and a bunch (!!!) of her friends to see New Moon (at 9:45p). I'm looking forward to it. My niece Ashley was bragging yesterday about how good it was. lol She got early tickets to see it on Wednesday, I need to ask her how she did that. She said it was fantastic and plans to see it again. :) The greatest thing is, that next Summer, Eclipse comes out and HELLO!!!! how awesome is that people!!!? I know right!? :)

It's been a mess around my house (literally and figuratively). Last week I made an error and sent a bracelet to someone who was supposed to get earrings and earrings to someone who was supposed to get a bracelet. ::sigh:: Yesterday I received someone elses beads and they received mine. lol So, it seems like a lot of us are busy and making little blunders. Please forgive us! :) I am checking and double-checking every package now just to be on the safe side.

I am doing some Pop Ups, which basically means that I'm picking things in my shop that are currently available to reduce for the Holiday Season. They'll "Pop Up" without notice and will be boxed and ship the same day they are purchased.

I started with my Winter Song bracelet and earrings. It's drastically reduced, perfect for a gift for a special someone who adores Boro. The lovely thing about these pieces is that they can go with anyones tastes since the neutral colors are so pleasing. :)

Check them out by clicking HERE.
Enjoy your day. I am waiting on my charm order to arrive so I can complete some orders that have been ready to go for weeks. Some of my favorite charms have been out of stock so I get to "wait wait wait", which I really dislike. lol I hope they come by Monday. Anyway, you all take care, I have a big day planned for myself (beads, beads, beads) and will catch up with you later. :) xoxo

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